Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Are you a good person ?

Many times we compare ourselves to other people to determine if we are "good" or not. However God has a different standard of goodness. The Bible says that only God is good. The 10 commandments helps us to see that we fall well short of that standard and therefore need a savior otherwise we will perish in hell for eternity.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Neighborhood Outreach Idea

Please watch this two minute tip from Trisha Ramos on how you can evangelize your neighborhood this Halloween. Ken, Daniel, and I have been doing this exact thing for the past 7 or 8 years. In recent years we have branched out to surrounding communities... I go to a friends neighborhood with my tracts and candy, while Ken and Daniel stay at our home to reach out to our neighbors. We look forward to this opportunity, when once a year the world comes knocking at our door asking us to give them something. :) [One thing I add to our candy bags is a letter from me that shares the gospel message with them in a more personal way. I think it makes a nice addition to the baggies.] So don't turn out your lights, don't go out to dinner...rather, take this opportunity to give the gospel to your neighbors and be a light for Jesus in your community.
For His His grace,

Friday, August 21, 2009

Using Common Sense to Debunk Evolution

Just using common sense alone can debunk evolution. To believe that something came from absolutely nothing is not even reasonable.

When you look at your car in the garage (Ford), is it reasonable to think that it just formed there by random chance? Of course not. When you see a building, you know there must have been a builder. A painting is proof that there must have been a painter. Well, same for creation - there must be a Creator, and He is God, and He will bring judgement against all sinners (that's us).

But it is not wise to debate an evolutionist or an atheist, because Romans 1 says that they have rejected the truth of the creator. In other words, they know what is reasonable, but reject it and choose another faith. Faith that something came from nothing.

Instead, speak to their conscience, rather then their intellect. Using the 10 commandments to bring them to the understanding of their sin and their standing before the Creator of the universe. And the Creator, God, promises to punish all sin. Only because the sacrifice of Jesus Christ can one be forgiven of their sin, and therefore able to live for eternity with Christ in heaven vs hell.

Here is a short video of Ray Comfort with Way of The Master, talking about this very subject.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

An Atheist Ponders Eternity

Ray Comfort shares the gospel with a young man, who says he's an atheist. Ray get's him to ponder eternity and the value of his life. This boy seems to have given up on life because his grandfather passed away, so Ray brings him to the good news of the gospel and pleads for him to repent and trust in the Savior.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Paul Washer Preaching the Gospel on the Streets of Peru

This video is taken in the streets of Peru as Paul Washer shares the Gospel through his personal testimony.

Ken & Dea

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sharing the Gospel in the Local Community

Recently my family went to hand out tracts and share the gospel at a local community event. We asked some teens if they would like to be interviewed for our blog site and they said yes. Listen to the conversation about their understanding of goodness and where they believe they will spend eternity.

For anyone interested in finding new ways to share the gospel, this interview for a "blog site" was a good way to start the conversation especially with teens.

Here are some pictures during the event:

Ken and Dea

Monday, April 6, 2009

How Much Time do You Have Left?

Listen to Ray share the Gospel to this 80 year old man.

He believes in a heaven and hell but doesn't know where he'll end up. He generally thinks that he's a good person, but when confronted with the knowledge of sin (the commandments), he realizes that he is indeed headed for eternal punishment. Ray also reminds him that time is short on this earth and that he needs to get right with God.

You can notice that this man becomes extremely uncomfortable and even walks away. But it is also evident that he appreciated Ray's questions, as he says, "your a good man".

Saturday, March 14, 2009

WDJD What Did Jesus Do - in Sharing the Gospel

WDJD - In Regard to sharing the Gospel message to the lost, the question is NOT, what WOULD Jesus do, But what DID Jesus do?

This video is a street evagelism training aid from the Way of the Master called WDJD - Four Keys to Sharing your Faith


Monday, March 2, 2009

Planting Seeds or Closing the Deal

We need to realize that "salvation is of the Lord". We have no power to save souls, rather that is what the Holy Spirit does. Many believe that it is important to "close the deal", meaning that they get the person to say "the sinners prayer".

But intead, we should be planting seeds. Which means that we proclaim the wonderful truth of the Gospel and allow the Holy Spirit to bring conviction and ultimately salvation to a person.

When out sharing the gospel, there will be occasions when the person you are witnessing to, just walks away (even before you are done). Should we get frustrated. No! If we have spoken truth from God's Word - then we have successfully planted a seed. We should pray for the person and ask God to move in their life.

Watch this video clip from the Way of the Master. This guys walks away in the middle of the conversation. But you can clearly see that the seeds of conviction have been planted.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Feb 21st Outreach Update

Can you find Pastor Bruce and Nate in this picture? : )

Leah passing out tracts !

Grace and Sarah in action !

This Sat, Feb 21st, about 16 people from our church went to a local flea market to share the gospel and hand out tracts. This was a great turnout of people and several were doing it for the first time.

Before we started, I went over a few rules that I made up. They included:
1. If a shop owner asks us to move away from their booth, smile and move immediately without debate.
2. If a security guard asks us not to do this in their facility, again - stop immediately and do not argue.
3. Others...

About a 1/2 hour into the outreach event, I received a call from one of the church members, located at the opposite end of the facility. He said that a worker indicated that we are not allowed to hand out literature here. We hadn't known about this rule and it wasn't posted anywhere, but we stopped and got the entire group together to pass along the news.

We acknowledged that even in this situation, God is in control, and therefore, it was not His will for us this day to pass out tracts.

A couple things came to mind afterward. (1) we can't be so dependent on the use of tracts, many places are no longer allowing people to hand out literature, and (2) we need to be sharing the gospel "as we go", not just during events.

I thank God for the time we had to hand out tracts to apx. 200 people and had conversations with 4 people. I thank God for His ultimate will that is better then our own agendas. And finally I thank God for the encouragement of such a strong church turnout.


Monday, February 16, 2009

8 reasons (excuses) why I don't share my faith

Are you afraid to share your faith? Watch this funny video about a guy who can think of 8 reasons or excuses for not sharing his faith with an unbelieving friend.

Ken & Dea

Thursday, February 5, 2009

How to spark up a conversation about the Gospel

For most people, the most difficult part of witnessing (especially to strangers), is how to spark a conversation about the gospel. But there are some tools and techniques that can make it easy.

What has worked for me is (1) stand in a high traffic area and (2) pass out gospel tracts. The easiest is the million dollar bill tract because they really catch peoples attention and they like to receive them. As I reach out to hand it to them, I say "Hey, did you get one of these yet!" versus "do you want one?" because people always want what they think they should already have.

As they take the tract, I always say, "it's a gospel tract, with the million dollar question written on the back". Many people will stop to read the back and may ask, what the million dollar question is.

Then I ask them if they know they will go to heaven one day or not. Next I speak directly to their conscience with the 10 commandments in order that they can see the reason and desperate need for a savior. Then I share the good news of the gospel with them.

So the key transition point, is the moment that you hand the tract to a person, tell them what it is. If they stop or hesitate at all - take the opportunity to share the gospel. You soon realize how open people will be to discuss with you.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Church Fellowship Through Evangelism

Recently, our church has been studying corporate fellowship. Clearly the Bible teaches that Christians are to praise God, not just in personal worship, but as a corporate body.

Evangelism is a great way for Christians to (1) praise God, by proclaiming truth about Him and His wonderful good news, and (2) fellowship as a corporate body. Certainly, it is great for individuals or even families to share the gospel, but even better is to partner together in our common mission to reach the lost.

By the church going out and sharing the gospel together, it provides opportunities to encourage one another and to turn discussion away from shallow, worldly topics to that of Christ centered ones.

And since evangelism is a form of praise and worship, what a great way for the church to fellowship together both in the actual event plus the discussions that follow.

Look for the details on our next evangelism/fellowship outing....coming in the next few weeks!


Saturday, January 17, 2009

I heard this song while pulling in the driveway today. I had never heard of this group before, I don't even care for country music...but, I remained in the car to listen to this song all the way through. It was very encouraging to me since I desire to reach out to the lost and share the hope of Christ with those around me. The very first line of the song got me listening. I thought it might encourage you as well. Click below to listen to the song.

So carry on fellow fishermen! Continue to share your faith with a world of people that so desperately need God's mercy and God's grace!